Rising of the Ancestors

This exhibition seeks to explore the artist’s experience of the spiritual world and interpretation of its contemporary state. Patience and time are key to contemplating the work, which carries more than what is represented in the image. The artworks seek to be a window into an unfamiliar realm which carries spiritual strength that cannot be measured only visually but felt spiritually.
The spirits of nature defend themselves against human beings who are focused upon destroying their natural landscape. From the spirits of the sacred forests to the spirits of the great pools and the spirits of our ancestral guardians, from the spirits of those who died fighting for fair treatment of surrounding spirits of other beings, such as human, animal, land, water, wind and rain spirits, these spirits, being the sole custodians of life and its mystified sacred realm, are rising to protect themselves and their gifted children against the growing backdrop of human social disorder and injustices.

To view the paintings please click on the image. 

 © Mathias Chirombo 2013