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“There is an external, intelligent yet intangible force that serves as a moral compass and guide for human activity…” P. Bernard (Messages from the Deep)

This exhibition comes out of Shona ontology, offering a different viewpoint of life and family from a spiritual level. In Shona culture the deceased and the ancestors are ever-present, providing care and protection for their living families, who can consult with them for guidance and support. At the same time the deceased depend on those living to be honoured and remembered.

The exhibition examines the extended family, exploring relationships and spiritual transformation from one form to another between people, nature and ancestors. Ancestors inhabit animals, plants, trees and water. As such a family tree does not stop with the physical human form but beyond that to spiritual and animal forms. This familial connection to nature and animals influences the way people treat their natural surroundings. Those who have come before us offer direction in this regard and as such there is need to remember and respect our relatives, without whom we shall lose more than what we deem important on a daily basis.

Please note the available work from this exhibition can be physically viewed at Gallery Guichard in Chicago USA.

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