"Dreaming With Open Eyes"

Informed by M.Tucker’s ‘Dreaming with Open Eyes,’ the Moderneum’s group exhibition will feature work which has shamanic ability to define-heal- consciousness and enliven individual people's agency to be in a more diverse, rich and healthy culture. The work presents mystical realities which speak more languages in one form. Where art is not made for art sake but for connective aesthetics or something beyond what the eyes can understand. The work requires a radical appraisal of seeing art with ones’ mind, heart, soul and lastly with the eyes. A space where dreams are a reality and reality is shaped by real dreams.

The exhibition journeys through spiritual values of traditional pre-industrial society where artists are driven by agents within the spirit mediated landscape and extra ordinary experiences lived within their areas.  

Mathias Chirombo                           (Please note new work will be uploaded at the end of November 2014 due to a family emergency.)

To view full list of artists exhibiting please click on the link here; http://www.chirombomoderneumofancestry.com/