@ the studio

As an artist born in a family of Shona culture, Chirombo's work is spiritually influenced by spirit mediumship and customs. He seeks to explore this through dreams which are a rich source of inspiration for his art making, using spirituality and emotions to direct him in the search for meaning and guidance. 


Based in Grahamstown, South Africa since2007.

Born in Zimbabwe and schooled at Churchill Boys High 1999-2004.

Studied at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe: 2005

B. Fine Art: Rhodes Uni 2007-2010 (cricket scholarship provided by the late Peter Roebuck & Rhodes)

Pursuing a Master of Arts in Anthropology at Rhodes University. My research focuses on 'Exploring spirit mediated landscape, art and material culture among Shona and Venda artists.'

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2017: Crossing Over, NAF, Grahamstown, SA.

2016: Crossing over; Special projects: Today/Tomorrow; CTAF, CTICC, Cape Town, SA.

2016: Crossing Over, NAF, Grahamstown, SA.

2015: Sacred Spaces, Ism Skism Gallery, Clarens, , SA.

2013: Rising of the Ancestors, NAF, Grahamstown, SA.

2013: Sacred Spaces, Museum Africa, Johannesburg, SA; Rising of the Ancestors! NAF, Grahamstown, SA.

2012: Extended Family, NAF, Grahamstown, SA; Sacred Spaces, Absa KKNK, Oudtshoorn, SA.

2011: Sacred Spaces, NAF, Grahamstown, SA.

2010: Visions, Dreams & Secrets, NAF, Grahamstown, SA


Selected Group

2017: A look at the Contemporary SA Art Scene, Theoule sur Mer,France.

2016: Ambassador’s Footprint, Gallery Noko, Port Elizabeth, SA

2016: “I can feel them but I can’t see them,” Vellarus, France

2015: Factor X Discourse, Gallery Noko, Port Elizabeth, SA

2014: Dreaming With Open Eyes, NAF, Grahamstown, SA

2012: The ART Business Contemporary Gallery, Plettenberg, SA

2011: COP17 Climate Train Art Project, Cape Town to Durban, SA (National project); Painting Project Co-ordinator

2009: Contemporary Shona Art, NAF, Grahamstown, SA